Imagine an aerodynamic fender that wraps itself around the wheel at a safe distance.

This elastic fender ‘skin’ would mean larger wheel diameter and perfect wheel positioning.

Bigger tires means better braking, grip, traction, cornering…

…and a very cool appearance.

What is Skin?

‘Skin’ is a patented mesh carbon-fiber fender sheath for road vehicles. Designed by Bosko Radakovich, Skin is both a sports car designer’s dream and a revolutionary new direction for the transport industry in biomimetics.
Like a serpent, Skin expands and retracts to accommodate its large wheel appetite. It slithers smoothly around even the most difficult corners and speedily moves the car forward.

Like a fish, Skin protects its internal organs through an external scale-like structure. Its carbon-fibre mechanical design makes it lighter than other fender material and its scales add thousands of possible patterns to manufacturers’ design milieu.

cameleon skin

Why should we consider investing in Skin?

 Fuels innovation by using biomimicry in the direct application of performance design

  • Captures the growing demands for larger wheel size, particularly for sports and luxury vehicles
  • Opens new doors for auto designers, parts producers, and the overall industry supply chain
  • Increases the value of vehicles to consumers and bold new design supports car sales
  • Looks and feels super awesome

 Skin is millions of years in the making through nature.  Finally, it is ready to evolve our industries to the next level. Please contact us as soon as possible to set up a discussion on how (Tesla) can “scale up” the future of fenders with Skin.